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Transitioning our accounts to Cloverleaf Networks and ensuring we have the best options available to choose from has ended up saving us thousands of dollars in monthly recurring charges.



  • Organization & Accessibility

  • Responsive Support

  • Transparency & Accountability


  • Centralized Live Portal

  • Proactive, Continuous Support

  • Transparent Communication & Contract Management


Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™ is a commercial real estate investment services and technology firm and industry leader in investment sales, leasing, and debt and structured finance. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, with more than 25 offices across the United States, Matthews™ has experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade, adding over 600 real estate professionals to serve clients while continuing to expand into new markets.

As Matthews™ continued to expand, they sought a telecommunications partner who could not only offer a full-service solution that would keep Matthews™ connected, operational, and efficient, but also one who was accessible and attentive to their needs. Matthews™ required responsiveness, organization, and transparency as well as a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and optimize costs. This pursuit of high-quality performance led them to Cloverleaf Networks, a Phoenix-based technology firm known for its top-tier, customized connectivity solutions and superior customer service.

The live portal is incredibly helpful in giving an at-a-glance visual to all of our sites and accounts. It’s also a huge help to maintaining accurate and up-to-date information.


Rapid growth can be viewed as a tremendous success for any company – and Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™ is no exception. But with that growth came challenges that previous providers struggled to adequately address:

Organization & Accessibility

Matthews™ sought a partner that could centralize and maintain accurate account information in one accessible location, creating more efficient operations to support its rapid growth.

Responsive Support

They required a partner who provided ongoing technical assistance and responsiveness, ensuring timely assistance when needed and the presentation of swift resolution to any newly identified challenges.

Transparency & Accountability

They needed a partner who would maintain open communication and transparent contract management to prevent unexpected expenses and allow Matthews™ to have greater control in subsequent contract negotiations.


Acknowledging the critical needs of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™, Cloverleaf Networks implemented a tailored solution addressing their specific pain points. Key components of the solution included:

Centralized Live Portal

Implementing a reliable, robust, live portal (CLOE) with accurate and up-to-date information allowed Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™ and their team members to access crucial data seamlessly, enhancing overall efficiency and eliminating dependence on outdated, less-reliable spreadsheets.

Proactive, Continuous Customer Support

Cloverleaf Networks provided Matthews™ with 24/7 monitoring of its systems, ensuring immediate outreach and response to identified disruptions in connectivity, and delivering solutions specifically curated to support Matthews™ unique business needs, saving time and lost productivity.

Transparent Communication & Contract Management

Cloverleaf Networks provided clear, consistent, and transparent communication through regularly scheduled touchpoints and access to Ryver, Cloverleaf’s workforce collaboration platform, allowing Matthews™ team members to focus on their daily operations and instantly connect through Ryver, as needed. Cloverleaf also committed to proactively notifying Matthews™ about expiring contracts, avoiding unexpected cost escalations.


Cloverleaf Networks' commitment to providing a holistic, full-service solution with responsive support, transparent communication, and access to unique, innovative platforms including CLOE and Ryver has not only resolved Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™ immediate challenges but also driven significant improvements in operational efficiency and cost savings, yielding substantial business benefits.
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