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The Era of Collaboration Between People, Devices and Artificial Intelligence is Here.

Collaboration between people, devices, and artificial intelligence (AI) can offer a number of benefits and opportunities for businesses. Here are a few ways in which collaboration between people, devices, and AI can enhance productivity and results:

Improved efficiency

By leveraging automation and AI technologies, companies can automate routine tasks and streamline processes, leading to greater efficiency and productivity.


Better decision-making

Collaboration between humans and AI allows you to leverage data and insights to make more informed, data-driven decisions. AI can analyze vast amounts of data, identify trends and patterns, and provide insights that can help humans make better decisions.

Better customer service

AI chatbots and virtual assistants can provide quick and efficient customer support, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues or providing more personalized support.


AI can provide personalized recommendations and experiences for customers based on their preferences and behavior. By collaborating with AI-powered devices and tools, businesses can offer more personalized experiences to their customers.

Increased innovation

Collaboration between humans and AI can spark new and innovative ideas, as humans can leverage AI to generate new insights and identify patterns that might not be evident otherwise.


Overall, the collaboration between people, devices, and AI can help businesses become more agile, efficient, and innovative, while also improving the quality of customer interactions and experiences.


Use separate apps for:

  • Video Conferencing

  • Group Chat

  • Task Management

  • VoIP & UCaaS

  • Automation & Workflows

And hope that you can access all of them on any one given day.  If you like entering passwords and solving technical problems, this is for you.


Use one platform that works seamlessly. Enter one password, a single sign-on, and you and your team are instantly productive. 

Everything in one. With one sign-on.



The newest addition to Cloverleaf’s Hybrid Workforce Stack. The acquisition of Ryver, the most powerful collaboration platform available today that rolls up data, video conferencing, team chat, always-on voice, and more all into one solution.

Group Messaging

Chat with your team anytime.
  • Unlimited Chat & Topics

  • Unlimited File Sharing

  • Unlimited Conversation Searching

Task Management

Turn conversations
into action.
  • Unlimited Tasks

  • Unlimited Team & Personal Task Boards

  • Specify detail in Tasks with Checklists, Tags, & Assignments

Voice & Video Calls 

(beta feature)
Talk with any teammate in Ryver.
  • Unlimited Calls (up to 5 users/call)

  • Crisp, clear audio and video (including screen sharing)

  • Join any call in 1 click

Optimize Your
Business Processes

  • Login with your existing Active Directory or SAML-based Google G-Suite, Okta, & OnePassword credentials

  • Strengthen regulation compliance

  • Reduce password
    reset requests

Premium Support

Get immediate help when you need it.

  • Utilize phone, email, & chat-based direct support during regular business hours

  • Receive 1-on-1 help setting
    up Ryver

  • Test in a dedicated sandbox

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