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Cloverleaf Networks Partners with IQ Wired to Revolutionize Network Solutions for Businesses

Partnership expands strategic sales footprint for Cloverleaf while offering an innovative tech stack for IQ Wired customers and consultants alike.

For Immediate Release

PHOENIX, November 14, 2023- Cloverleaf Networks, the company that works with businesses from Wire to Workgroup, announced today its partnership with IQ Wired, a boutique consulting firm that has been serving businesses and agents nationwide for over 20 years. IQ Wired partners with business clients, solving business problems using innovative technology solutions.

This partnership enables Cloverleaf Networks to expand its sales footprint, generating new sales and business customers, and empowers IQ Wired to meet client needs with simplified product offerings and all-in-one solutions, including Cloverleaf Connect, Cloverleaf Collab, Cloverleaf Anywhere and Cloverleaf Safe.

“This strategic alliance will help support Cloverleaf Networks overall growth plan and strengthen our vision of providing revolutionary technology solutions and a superior customer experience,” said Founder and CEO Joe Faherty. “Working with the IQ Wired team allows us to continue reaching a broader range of technology leaders, help bridge the gap between technology and the medium, large, and enterprise business space and take more businesses from wire to workgroup.”

“We are very excited to partner with Joe and Cloverleaf Networks,” said Kelly Forsyth, CRO at IQ Wired. “Cloverleaf Networks reputation to provide client focused solutions and support align specifically with IQ Wired’s culture and the way in which we protect and defend our client’s initiatives, interests, bottom line, and most importantly, time. Cloverleaf Networks can assist us in doing so with their technology portfolio and platforms.”

Cloverleaf Networks will diversify IQ Wired’s portfolio through its best-in-class product offerings including in-house monitoring software CLOE (Cloverleaf Operations Engine), and trusted collaboration platform Ryver, allowing business customers to optimize and scale their technology solutions efficiently.

About Cloverleaf Networks

Phoenix-based Cloverleaf Networks is empowering workforces with top-to-bottom technology that connects people, places, and devices efficiently, saving client companies millions. Incorporating internet services, cybersecurity, SD-WAN cloud computing, voice communications, collaboration, automation, and internet of things (IoT), Cloverleaf Networks takes businesses from "wire-to-workgroup and beyond." To learn more about Cloverleaf Networks, visit

About IQ Wired

Founded in 2003, IQ Wired has a proven track record of partnering with medium and enterprise clients to translate business initiatives into technology solutions that truly make an impact for organizations, their employees, clients – all stakeholders. IQ Wired is one of the largest, most admired women-owned and woman led Technology and Telecommunications brokerage consulting firms in the country. To learn more about IQ Wired, visit

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