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Cloverleaf Networks Moves Into New Space Due to Rapid Growth

Updated: Mar 18

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –

Cloverleaf Networks announced today that it has expanded its office footprint to accommodate the company's current and projected hiring and accelerated growth, by moving to new space at the Corporate Center at DC Ranch in North Scottsdale.

With the acquisition of the Ryver workforce collaboration platform earlier in Q4, Cloverleaf acquired key team members who are ramping up enhanced development of the platform. The company has also hired several new sales team members, with plans to continue the hiring trend in 2023.

Cloverleaf CEO, Joe Faherty, said, "Even though people say we are in a recession, the economy is not impacting our business. We see no evidence of corporate spending cut-backs for internet services, cyber security, wide area networking or workforce collaboration. They are mission-critical for productivity and crucial to corporate governance and compliance. If anything, spending is increasing."

The space details include nearly 10,000 square feet, almost the entire second floor of the building on Verde Grove View. Cloverleaf feels the new office space will accommodate its growth projections through 2023. The company is planning a grand opening event for clients, partners and Scottsdale community leaders in January 2023.

"This space is a big move for us," said Faherty, who started Cloverleaf Networks as a single-person shop in 2019. At that time, he was working construction in the mornings and using his car as an office, traveling from client to client in the afternoons. "It has been a journey getting to where we are, but somehow I feel it is one that's just beginning."

About Cloverleaf Networks: Scottsdale-based Cloverleaf Networks is empowering workforces with top-to-bottom technology that connects people, places, and devices efficiently, saving client companies millions. Incorporating internet services, cyber security, SD-WAN cloud computing, voice communications, collaboration, automation, and internet of things (IoT), Cloverleaf takes businesses from "wire-to-workgroup and beyond™."

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